Nanjing Biocell Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.
Nanjing Biocell Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.
What is the delivery time?

Usually 30~45 working days.

The after-sale service

Guide videos and online support are provided to help to debug machines, train buyer's related staffs to install, operate and maintain the machine. When necessary, we can also send our technician to your factory.

Are you a manufacturer? What pharmaceutical water equipments do you produce?

We are a production enterprise with our own factory. We mainly produce reverse osmosis equipment, purified water equipment, multi-effect distilled water machine, pure steam generator, purified water and injection water distribution system, etc. The industrial chain of pharmaceutical water system is complete.

What industries are your products mainly used in?

At present, there are a large number of application cases in biopharmaceutical, medical devices, food and beverage, industrial manufacturing, scientific research institutes and other industries.

If I want to buy a machine, what information do I need to tell you?
  • What kind of source water do you need to purify?

  • Raw water quality analysis report (If no, talk to our foreign trade salesman)

  • Hourly producing capacity requirement. How much liters per hour(L/h)?

  • Working condition

  • Treated-water quality requirement.

What kinds of products do you supply?
  • Multiple Effect Distilled Water Machine

  • Pure Steam Generator

  • Reverse Osmosis(RO) Purified Water System

  • EDI Desalination System

  • Ultrafiltration(UF) System

  • Stainless Steel Tank Products

  • Heat Exchanger

  • CIP/SIP System

  • Water Distribution System Process Loop Pipeline

  • Water Treatment Accessories

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