Nanjing Biocell Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.
Nanjing Biocell Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.
Biocell Pharma as one of the water purification system manufacturers, provide types of pharmaceutical water purification systems.
Ultra pure water equipment is a multifunctional device composed of pretreatment system, reverse osmosis pure water system, EDI deep desalination system, post-treatment system and circulating water supply system.
Pharmaceutical water is usually used as raw material, excipient or solvent, which is not only widely used in the production process of drugs, pharmaceutical excipients and drug packaging materials, but also widely used in the preparation of pharmaceutical preparations.
water system in pharma company

Our Product Is Water System.

But Our Business Is Solution!

While meeting the strict requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, industries such as biotechnology and food & beverage also benefit from our equipments.

Water Treatment System from Biocell, a water system in pharma company, has expertise in the following solutions:

  • WFI-Water For Injection System

  • PS/CS-Pure Steam System(Clean Steam System)

  • PW-Purified Water System

  • S&D-Storage & Distribution System

  • HPW/UPW- High Purity Water & Ultrapure Water System

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  • 18 +

    Focus on the production of pharmaceutical water systems for more than 18 years

  • 3000

    Our factory covers an area of about 3000 square meters

  • 1000

    We have more than 1000 customers in the pharmaceutical industry

  • 20

    The products have been exported to more than 20 countries and regions

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