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Pharmaceutical purified water systems adopt the latest processes such as reverse osmosis and EDI. Purified water distribution system designs a complete set of purified water process in a targeted manner. The quality of purified water for pharmaceutical manufacturing meets the requirements of the current USP, EP, JP and ChP for purified water.

Pretreatment is mainly used to remove particles that may damage the film and free chlorine. The reverse osmosis process is to separate and remove the soluble solids, organics, colloidal substances and bacteria in the water by using the semipermeable spiral membrane. The raw water is sent to and passes through the reverse osmosis membrane under a certain pressure. The water passes through the tiny pore diameter on the membrane and is collected to obtain pure water. Different impurities are concentrated in the intercepting liquid and discharged. RO can remove more than 96% of dissolved solids, more than 99% of organic matters and colloids, and almost 100% of bacteria from raw water.

EDI electromigration removal salt is to use the high voltage of electrodes at both ends of the module to move charged ions in water, and cooperate with ion exchange resin and selective resin membrane to accelerate the removal of ions, so as to achieve the purpose of water purification. During EDI desalination, ions are removed by ion exchange membrane under the action of electric field. At the same time, water molecules generate hydrogen ions and hydroxide ions under the action of electric field, which continuously regenerate the ion exchange resin to keep the ion exchange resin in the best state.

Degassing membranes are widely used to remove oxygen and carbon dioxide from water.

Types of Purified Water System in Pharmaceutical Industry

Water Pre-treatment Water Pre-treatment
Based on the quality of different raw water, we are committed to providing customers with customized solutions. Modular design is adopted, with reasonable and compact structure, beautiful appearance a...
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Pharmaceutical Reverse Osmosis System Pharmaceutical Reverse Osmosis System
With RO membrane separation technology as the core, it adopts automatic control, integrated design, modular installation, low energy consumption and small floor area. Double pipeline water supply and ...
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RO Plant With EDI RO Plant With EDI
The combination of reverse osmosis and EDI has overcome the deficiency that reverse osmosis effluent cannot be deeply desalted, and further removed trace carbon dioxide, residual salt, silicon dioxide...
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EDI module is usually placed behind the reverse osmosis system, which not only overcomes the lack of deep desalination of reverse osmosis effluent, but also further removes trace carbon dioxide, resid...
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Factors Affecting The Life of Purified Water System

Due to the difference of user's raw water quality, the required purified water process plans will also be quite different (the system can achieve online pasteurization of pretreatment devices; reverse osmosis membranes and EDI modules can choose normal temperature and resistant pasteurization membranes according to requirements; pre-treatment devices can choose to add scale inhibitors or softeners according to requirements; users have high requirements for TOC indicators, and can choose UF (ultrafiltration) to remove TOC at the water production terminal). Based on years of design and practical experience, Biocell has not only been able to design purified water equipment more in line with users' needs, but also developed a purified water energy conservation and emission reduction process scheme with higher recovery rate for users.

Factors Affecting The Life of Purified Water System

Why Choose Biocell PW Water Gengeration System?

  • 01

    Standardized and systematic parts are convenient for disassembly, maintenance and cleaning of equipment.

  • 02

    Automatic control is carried out through the terminal control system, and a humanized operation display system is configured to facilitate users to intuitively understand various data and adjust setting parameters.

  • 03

    The status of flushing, water shortage, full water, maintenance, etc. will be displayed on the purified water operation display system according to the actual situation, and the user will be reminded through the audible and visual alarm system.

  • 04

    The purified water generator has many unique functions, such as three-level password protection, fault shutdown alarm (manual reset is required), high and low pressure protection, automatic flushing, dual pipe water supply, etc.

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