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  • edi water treatment
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  • edi plant water treatment
  • edi water treatment
  • electrodeionization water treatment

EDI Water Treatment

EDI module is usually placed behind the reverse osmosis system, which not only overcomes the lack of deep desalination of reverse osmosis effluent, but also further removes trace carbon dioxide, residual salt, silicon dioxide, boron and total organic carbon plasma in RO water, greatly improving the quality of purified water.

EDI plant water treatment is widely used in biotechnology, pharmacy and other industries that must generally comply with and comply with USP, EP, JP and ChP regulations.

※ Post EDI Ultrafiltration

※ A post EDI UF System with 6000 Daltons Molecular Weight Cutoff membranes serves to produce highly purified water having a compliance with low endotoxin values.

※ A post EDI UF can have a TOC reduction UV with 194 nm wavelength or 254 nm wavelength for bacterial control as an option.

EDI Plant Water Treatment Specification

Water inflow requirements

TEA(with CO2)

<25mg/L as CaCO3


<1mg/L as CaCO3









Free Chlorine


Water inlet pressure


Fe, Mn, H2S


Rate of recovery


What Is Edi Water Treatment System

EDI stands for Electrodeionization, which is a water treatment technology that utilizes ion exchange membranes and an electric field to remove ions from water.

The EDI water treatment system is typically used to produce high-quality water for industrial and laboratory applications. The EDI plant water treatment system works by passing water through a series of ion exchange membranes and electrodes, which remove dissolved salts and other ions from the water.

Unlike other water treatment technologies, EDI water treatment does not require chemicals to regenerate the ion exchange resin, making it a more environmentally friendly option. EDI systems are also relatively compact and easy to maintain compared to other water treatment technologies.

Overall, EDI is an effective and efficient way to remove impurities from water, and it is commonly used in industries such as pharmaceuticals, electronics, and power generation.

EDI Water Treatment PDF


EDI Module Water Treatment


How Does EDI Water Treatment Works?

How Does EDI Water Treatment Works?

Process Principles

  • Enhanced transfer regime (high salinity)

– Remove strong ions from water

  • Electroregeneration regime (low salinity)

– Remove ionizable species (weak acids or weak bases) from water

Operating Principles of EDI Water Treatment

Features of EDI Water Treatment

  • 01.

    The most cost-effective way to upgrade RO purified water system (PW) to high purified water system (HPW).

  • 02.

    Effective minimum flow interlocking and current overload protection device.

  • 03.

    Excellent water quality performance under different working conditions.

  • 04.

    Front and rear UV devices (optional), thermal disinfection module (optional).

  • 05.

    PLC+HMI full-automatic control mode.

  • 06.

    Fully comply with GMP, USP and cGMP requirements.

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