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  • pw tank skid
  • pw tank skid

PW Tank/Skid

The purified water distribution system is usually composed of purified water storage tank, circulating pump, ultraviolet sterilizer, one or more circulating pipes and water using points. The disinfection method is pasteurization or ozone disinfection, so double tube plate heat exchanger or ozone generator is required. The volume of the purified water storage tank shall meet the peak flow of purified water and have a certain balance relationship with the water yield of the purified water preparation system. The flow of circulating pump shall be greater than the sum of peak flow and return flow. Online relevant instruments detect the water quality, and alarm can be given once the water quality exceeds the standard. Unqualified water shall be directly discharged or recycled back to the previous tank.

Design Features of PW Tank/Skid

◆The design and manufacturing strictly comply with Chinese GMP, cGMP and FDA requirements.

◆Full drainage design ensures that the entire system is completely discharged.

◆Online monitoring of temperature, pressure, flow, conductivity and other indicators of purified water.

◆Ensure that there is turbulence in the loop (the flow rate is greater than 1m/s), maintain positive pressure in the loop, and prevent microorganisms from staying, attaching and breeding on the pipe wall.

◆The circulating pump adopts frequency conversion control, which is energy-saving and efficient.

◆Integrated modular design and assembly, convenient operation, small footprint.

◆Fully automatic control, color touch screen, one key start, simple and convenient operation.

◆Provide 4Q electronic verification documents.

Operating Principles of PW Tank/Skid

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