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  • pw wfi skids
  • pw wfi skids


The purified water/water for injection combined distribution system is a kind of equipment integration device, which can fully convert and utilize resources and energy, greatly reduce production costs, save equipment floor space, and reduce equipment investment costs. At the same time, wfi skid can integrate the operation control system of the equipment, and the flow picture of the equipment can be freely switched and selected on the same operation interface.

Key Criterias for PW & WFI Loops

◆ The wfi skid has no stagnant conditions and areas of low flow rate.

◆ The wfi skid has temperature control.

◆ The wfi skid has proper slope of the pipeline to ensure drainability.

◆ Stainless steel surface finish with appropriate roughness in order to avoid nutrient and biofilm accumulation.

◆ No deadlegs area of the wfi skid.

◆ Periodic sanitisation or sterilisation of the storage tank and loop.

◆ The wfi skid has storage tank protected with 0.2 micron hydrophobic vent filter.

◆ Sufficient instrumentation and monitoring equipments.

Operating Principles of PW/WFI Skids

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