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Our Pharmaceutical Water Systems Are Exported To Hong Kong

The installation and commissioning site of purified water system is located in Hong Kong, China.

Commercial Ro

Commercial Ro Filter

According to the raw water quality in different regions, we can provide customers with water production process design adapted to local conditions, effectively control microorganisms, and minimize cross pollution caused by other products or production processes. At the same time, the purified water equipment is highly automated and the water quality is stable for a long time, which can provide the greatest guarantee for customers' clean production. The purified water produced fully meets the requirements of purified water in the current Chinese Pharmacopoeia, the United States Pharmacopoeia, the European Pharmacopoeia and the Japanese Pharmacopoeia.

● raw water utilization rate can be as high as 85%

● the desalination rate of raw water can be as high as 99%

● PLC + HMI control mode, one key operation

● imported RO membrane with stable water quality

● the quality of produced water is better than the purified water standard of Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2020

● produced water conductivity (internal control) ≤ 2 μ s/cm【25℃】

Note: conductivity of produced water (pharmacopoeia standard) ≤ 5.1 μ s/cm【25℃】

● equipment manufacturing meets GMP verification requirements

● provide the modifiable electronic verification documents of purified water equipment for free


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