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Our Pharmaceutical Water Systems Are Exported To Japan

The water for injection equipment exported to Japan arrived at the customer's site smoothly

Industrial Water Filter

Industrial Water Filter Price

Water for injection preparation system is the key system of GMP. The multi effect distilled water machine is the key equipment of the most widely used water for injection preparation system. Qirui's multi effect distilled water machine adopts high temperature and high pressure operation to ensure stable production of pyrogen free water for injection. The produced water for injection fully meets the requirements of the current Chinese Pharmacopoeia, the United States Pharmacopoeia, the European Pharmacopoeia and the Japanese Pharmacopoeia on water for injection.

● adopt double tube plate structure to prevent cross contamination of materials

● adopt skid modular design to save floor space

● PLC + HMI control mode, one key operation

● industrial steam heating / electric heating two working modes, wider application range

● the quality of produced water is better than the water for injection standard of Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2020

● produced water conductivity (internal control) ≤ 1 μ s/cm【25℃】

Note: conductivity of produced water (pharmacopoeia standard) ≤ 1.3 μ s/cm【25℃】

● equipment manufacturing meets GMP verification requirements

● provide water for injection equipment with modifiable electronic verification documents for free


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