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Performance Advantages and Application Fields of Ultra-Pure Water System

Advantages of ultra-pure water systems

High efficiency

  • The water quality of pure water is ≥0.2MΩ, and the water production capacity can be selected from 5L/h, 10L/h, and 20L/h.

  • The system's desalination rate is ≥99.5%, and the tap water utilization rate is 60-80%.

  • The entire system has an abnormal line self-diagnosis function, warning or automatic shutdown.

  • Intelligent fault diagnosis, online replacement indication of system's important components.

  • Cloud service, data can be uploaded to the cloud service center for backup, and professional engineers can trace and analyze data, providing clients with diagnosis reports and maintenance suggestions.

High quality

  • Complete purification unit.

  • Ultra pure water system is monitored at multiple points online.

  • Patented sterile water storage tank is easy to clean, disinfect, and expand.

  • Real-time online TOC detection.


  • Invention patent full intelligent control system, supporting multi-language mode, multi-user use, independent pricing. True-color LCD touch screen, graphical human-machine interface, online operation and information query.

  • Invention patent modular design: purification unit and components are plug-and-play, making calibration, maintenance, cleaning, disinfection, and sampling during system efficiency verification easier.

  • The actual consumption of consumables is set as the standard for online diagnosis, which is convenient for maintenance.

  • Prompt for consumables replacement.

Innovative customer experience

  • True-color LCD touch screen displays the water quality, water volume, and flow rate of the water taken online, allowing users to clearly see the water taking situation.

  • Pure water/ultra pure water can each take a specific quantity of water, and the water volume can be freely set from 10ml to 200L, with an accuracy of ±2ml.

  • All monitoring data of the entire system is collected in real-time and can be viewed online without the need for external computer storage. The data storage capacity can exceed one year.

Application fields of ultra-pure water systems

The requirements for experimental water quality are particularly strict in some high-end experiments, such as animal and plant cell culture, high-performance liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry analysis, inductively coupled plasma spectrometry, atomic fluorescence, gel analysis, cell immunity, test-tube baby, genetic experiments, etc. These experiments not only require the water quality's resistivity, but also have high requirements for organic matter, particles, bacteria, and thermals in the water quality.

The range of ultra-pure water system applications involves hospitals, universities and research institutions, quality inspection units, chemical factories, pharmaceutical factories, water quality monitoring centers, livestock industry, tap water plants, disease control centers, seed monitoring stations, battery factories, LCD screen factories, precision circuit factories, and dust-free product production, etc.


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