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Equipment Characteristics and Maintenance of Multi - Effect Distilled Water Machine

Multi-effect distillation machine is an important equipment for the production of sterile water for injection in the pharmaceutical industry, to meet the production needs of pharmaceutical, food, beverage, electronics and other industries, in line with GMP requirements. Multi-effect water distillation machine can evaporate and concentrate the foaming material, because the liquid is evaporated in the heating tube in the form of film, that is, the formation of vapor-liquid separation, at the same time in the bottom of the body, most of the liquid is pumped away, only a small part of the liquid and all the secondary steam into the separator to strengthen the separation, the liquid does not form too big impact throughout the process, to avoid the formation of foam.

Multi-effect distilled water machine equipment features

  • Structure material: and distilled water, secondary pure steam contact pressure vessel body, piping using 316L, sealing materials using PTFE. other materials including rack using 304 material.

  • Three-stage separation device: the raw water entering the equipment through the descending liquid film evaporation, gravity separation, special separation device three-stage separation.

  • Electrochemical polishing: stainless steel surface electrochemical polishing to ensure the quality of the production of water for injection and improve the service life of the equipment.

  • Double tube plate design: external preheater, condenser and multi-effect evaporator are all double tube plate design, which meets the requirements of GMP and effectively eliminates the possibility of low sanitation level media contaminating the system.

  • Heat exchanger tube adopts high quality seamless tube: seamless tube has better strength and durability, ensuring that it remains intact during processing, welding, expansion and thermal expansion and contraction during operation, ensuring that any industrial steam, raw material water and cooling water leakage into the clean distilled water, secondary steam side is avoided.

  • Three-dimensional bending: in the pipeline as far as possible, the use of stainless steel pipe direct stretch bending, to avoid welding.

  • The use of automatic welding: multi-effect distilled water machine pipeline and parts of the connection, as far as possible, the use of automatic argon gas protection track welding to ensure the quality of welding

  • Insulation: evaporator and pre-heater are used chlorine-free, asbestos-free mineral wool insulation layer, and wrapped in stainless steel cladding.

  • Only need economic raw material water pretreatment: no expensive purified water equipment, raw material water only need conductivity of less than 5μS/cm deionized water or reverse osmosis water can be.

  • Economic and energy-saving: because the secondary steam is used in each effect stage by stage, so the utilization rate of industrial steam is high, with obvious energy-saving effect. Multi-effect water distiller with the number of evaporator effect increases, this energy-saving effect is more obvious. At the same time the amount of cooling water is also significantly reduced with the increase in the number of effects.

  • Control system: PLC automatic control technology is used to realize different control requirements of customers. From the zui basic distilled water quality judgment and distribution, to more advanced such as continuous adjustment of each medium, linkage with the storage system, grading code control and even to the control of evaporation volume changes, can be said to be meticulous.

  • Paperless records: the use of paperless records, a true record of the production situation.

  • The whole machine performance factory test: in the whole machine test workshop, according to the determined procedures, simulate the actual working environment, the whole machine test.

Multi-effect distilled water machine maintenance

  • Daily check the effect of drainage of the first-effect evaporator and the first-effect preheater trap, cleaning or replacing the trap when the drainage is not smooth.

  • Regularly check whether there are leaks in various parts of the system, each valve is intact; stop using, to discharge the machine clean of standing water.

  • Calibrate the pressure gauge, safety valve, etc. every year, and lift the safety valve handle every month to check whether the safety valve is safe and effective.

  • When the use of the process found that the production capacity decline or water quality does not meet the requirements to clean or acid cleaning.


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